Lebron Magic Trick Thumbs Light

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24 days ago

How would you like to create a mesmerizing light show with the flick of your finger? Introducing the Magic Trick Thumbs Light, the ultimate accessory for any aspiring magician or entertainment enthusiast.

With this set, you can easily make red lights appear at your fingertips and pass them from hand to hand, leaving your family and friends in awe. The set includes two red and blue Thumb Tip lights, designed to look just like the real deal.

Each soft plastic thumb tip features a built-in battery and switch, as well as a bright red LED light. Simply slip the thumb tip onto your finger and activate the light to create a magical illusion that will leave onlookers amazed. And remember, never reveal your magic secret!

Made from durable latex material, these lights are lightweight and easy to use. Weighing only 16g, they are comfortable to wear and perfect for hours of entertainment. The built-in battery is included and easy to replace when needed. The size of each thumb tip is 4.5*2.6cm, making them suitable for both adults and children.

Impress your audience with the Magic Trick Thumbs Light and bring your magic tricks to the next level. Get your own pair now and become the star of any event!


????Easily create a light show with the flick of your finger.
????Comes with x2 red/blue Thumb Tip lights designed to look like the real deal.
????Each thumb tip includes a built-in battery, switch, and bright red LED light.


-Material: Latex-Color: Red, Blue
-Weight: 16g
-Power Source: Built-in battery (included)
-Size: 4.5*2.6cm
-Package includes: Magic Thumb Light*1/3 pairs


1. Slip the soft plastic thumb tip onto your finger.
2. Activate the built-in switch to turn on the red LED light.
3. Perform your magic tricks and watch as your audience is amazed!


Q: How does the Magic Trick Thumbs Light work?
A: Simply slip the thumb tip onto your finger and activate the built-in switch to turn on the LED light.

Q: Is the battery included?
A: Yes, each thumb tip comes with a built-in battery that is easy to replace.

Product Location New York, United States